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Our Investment Criteria

New Investments

  • $20 Million Revenue 

  • $2 Million EBITDA

Add-On Investments

  • $10 Million Revenue 

  • $1 Million EBITDA

Desired Scenarios

  • Recapitalizations of Family-owned businesses

  • Management-led buyouts

  • Corporate spin-off and divestitures


We have a proven track record of working with owners/founders and management teams to structure a transaction that meets the unique objectives of all stakeholders in each transaction. This can be done through multiple frameworks that include:

  • Cash at closing

  • Retained equity positions

  • Performance bonuses and equity plans for management and key employees



We will selectively consider investments outside these parameters if there is a compelling business case where we can leverage our resources to add significant value to the business, or where the technology or customer base is complementary to one of our existing portfolio companies.

Investment Strategy

The White Oak Group is dedicated to investing in businesses with solid fundamentals led by management teams with a defined vision for growth.


Proven Technologies and Services

Defensible Market Position

Proven Management Team

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