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The White Oak Group
Investment Sectors

We focus our investments around core competencies in the service and technology industries with companies that derive a majority of their revenue from government contracting.  We typically center on the following sectors:

  • Aerospace and Defense Technology and Services
    • Sensors and Analytics
    • Command and Control
    • Cyber Security
    • Communication Networks and Services
    • Avionics and Instrumentation
  • Power Technology Services
    • Generation
    • Storage
    • Management and Optimization
  • Environmental Technology and Services
    • Planning and Prevention
    • Response
    • Remediation
    • Monitoring
  • Information and Services
    • Advanced Analytics
    • Information Management Software
    • Digital Data Delivery
    About Us

    The White Oak Group is an Atlanta-based, private equity management firm.  We are focused on lower middle market, IP-rich businesses primed for growth. 

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    The White Oak Group
    5665 New Northside Dr.
    Suite 500
    Atlanta, GA 30328
    1-888-333-8984 (fax)
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